Scientists have transplanted World's first 3D-printed 'livin

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Scientists have transplanted World's first 3D-printed 'livin

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I've really been waiting for this my whole career," lead surgeon Arturo Bonila said at the medical milestone. Patients born with a small, deformed right ear Undergoing 3D-printed dental implant surgery, a groundbreaking double. The procedure because the prosthetic ear tissue is made from the patient's own cells.

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The surgery is part of an ongoing clinical trial. This means that the technique still has to remove many obstacles. including some that are related to safety Before entering the list of generic medicines, however, the company behind the successful procedure calls it the first in the world.

“We believe this is the first time the company has printed an entire living structure and engineered it and implanted it into a patient to replace the body part the patient was born with without or loss due to trauma or disease,” Dan Cohen, CEO of 3D Bio, the biotechnology company behind the innovative technique, said in a news video.

Cohen called the surgery a particularly promising success for patients with microcephaly. This is the same condition for a 20-year-old woman who has received an ear transplant. and a condition that affects about 1 to 5 people out of every 10,000 births, according to the Cleveland Clinic.
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