Why I have been bitten by this issue

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Why I have been bitten by this issue

Сообщение Amerzone » 24 июн 2020, 11:27

Following is a peek at the three kinds of packs that will likely be offered. The series seems to include the era NBA 2K gamers in Galaxy Opal format. The cards aren't new. They are re-released versions from sets. Such releases may only be bought with VC MT isn't an option Buy NBA 2K MT. It is unclear when the Decade Super packs will be published. It might be as early as Saturday afternoon, or even some time in the week.

The Auction House is a significant component of NBA 2K20 MyTeam, and several users are reporting problems that have been showing up intermittently for months. On Friday, NBA 2K MyTeam programmer Robby Haught aka Two Brothers Gaming educated the community that the team was conscious of the issue and working to get it solved. The recognition was welcomed by members of the MyTeam community because the matter seemingly becomes more prevalent around major releases like the PRIME Series Galaxy Opal Lamar Odom card that dropped on Friday.

I play MyTeam quite a bit, and I just deal with the Auction House once a week (it is part of my general management of this highly addictive mode). Maybe that's why I have been bitten by this issue. Essentially, what is being reported is a random reset of item prices that is resulting in precious cards going unsold, or even worse, selling for far less than the present value. As you may expect, many users are mad about this glitch that is costing those impacted valuable in-game money.

A couple of users posted screenshots of things underselling or not moving in any way. At this time, there's no timetable for the fix, along with the news that has been sent from Haught was an unexpected plus. Haught is a developer and that's not who traditionally communicates with users on these kinds of issues. That is usually where a neighborhood supervisor would work as a liaison between the dev group, engineers and NBA 2K's community. Unfortunately, 2K does not have a team of folks who are intended to play this vital role.

Many users will likely welcome someone who is assigned as a point of contact for consumers that play NBA 2K21 MT MyTeam, and the exact same goes for the other styles within the massive 2K universe. As of this moment, the gaps in communication will likely remain.
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