If you are POE fan, you should know something about POE 2

О которых ходят слухи, но нет проверенной информации, сбор инфы

If you are POE fan, you should know something about POE 2

Сообщение helodieaodns » 07 апр 2020, 07:10

Path of Exile 2 has become officially announced. Revealed at ExileCon in New Zealand today, the sequel is usually a seven-act game promising numerous updates and improvements above the first game. In general, POE Currency and POE Items are always the most demanded resources in the game, and players must constantly collect these resources in the game. Of course, if you think this takes too much time, you can go to MMOAH to buy POE Orbs directly.
Notably, however, Path of Exile 2 is not a separate standalone game. Instead, it combines the campaigns for Path of Exile 1 and a couple, featuring its tagline being "one game, two campaigns." Google "POE Currency", you will find out that MMOAH is the best choice of POE Currency shop, visit and Buy POE Items!
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